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At Chatsworth Down Art we recognise the problems of selling artwork. No longer do you have to worry about the cost. No money is required up-front. You don't have to worry about galleries that promise the earth. We provide the right environment for your work to be displayed, where it can be viewed by millions of people from across the world. This vastly increases the chances of your work being recognised. All the hastle of displaying your artwork will be carried out for you by us, and therefore you can concentrate on your work. Please note that we accept work from all types of artists and crafts people.

The deal we offer is simple. You can join our Chatsworth Down Art Club at a cost of £45 (US$ 80) for six months or £80 per year. Under this scheme you are provided with your own full colour display for 15 pictures in a room in our gallery plus up to 200 words of text and work can be changed monthly. Please note that under this option we will, if you wish, display your name, address, phone number, fax and a direct link to your email. Any enquiries therefore go direct to you. You can also include your own advertisement about you and your work. We will also provide a link to your own site on the web for no extra charge. In other words you get complete advertising plus gallery display space. 

We very much hope that you decide to display your work on our site so that we can work with you to sell to a truly world-wide audience. We accept work from artists from all parts of the world. If you require further information why not visit out frequently asked questions page. You can either contact us by e-mail (using the form below) or phone us on +44-(0)771-5035788.

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