Welcome to the Chatsworth Down Art Gallery. We hope you will enjoy browsing through the rooms. For new visitors to our gallery just click on the room you wish to visit on the map below to enter that room. All work on display is for sale.

We have a number of exhibition rooms which are available for new artists to display their work. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to display your work here.

 Map of the Gallery Picture of the Gallery
Key to Rooms 

Artists Medium
1. Philip Berks Oil
2. Pat Owen Watercolour/gouache
3. N Cook Wood/metal 
4. Diane Matthes Greeting Cards
5. Irma Barish Oils/watercolour
6. Steve Fournier Watercolour 
7. Aneta Depikere Silk 
8. Barbara de Mora Oil
9. Heath Hudson Pencil
10. Nigel Bengstrom Oil/acrylic 
11. Davor Zilic Oil 
12. POW painting / prints Acrylic/airbrush
13. Charity picture  Oil 
14. Joseph Attaway Oil
15. Cesar Regalado Acrylic/mix
16. Patrick Moon Crow Vidal Oil/acrylic
17. Robert Gross  Oil/acrylic 
18. Hank Roll  Enamel 
19. Dena M Fuss Watercolour/acrylic
20. Drasko Klikovac Oil/pencil/crayon
21. Zaza Tjanting 
22. Ryan D Mack Acrylic/watercolour/enamel
23. George Leonard Voutsinous Acrylic/mix
24. Lendita Zeqiraj Oil 
25. Janet Bonney Pencil/charcoal 
26. Lynette Seiter Oil 
27. Margi Hilder Watercolours on handmade paper 
28. Deepti Sahay Oil on Canvas.
29. Elise Savage Acrylic/watercolour
30. John Ducan Mitchell Paintings & prints
31. Sara Medel Oils on canvas
32. Giorgi Kasradze Oils & paper, crayon, sanguine
33. Tyrone Johnson Oils / acrylics on canvas
34. David Welsh Oils on canvas

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