Chatsworth Gallery Room 16

Artist: Patrick Moon Crow Vidal

Patrick Moon Crow Vidal is French/Cherokee and was born in Toulon in 1960. He studied biology and ecology before discovering art and the passion of painting.

His world is a world of symbols, a world of questions, a quest for the purpose of the human nature. Each painting is a door to a fantastic universe - esoterism, metaphisics, or the unconscious. This pictural exploration is the result of a deep interest for the initiatic philosophies, the school of Mysteries of ancient Egypt, theosophy, and shamanism.

Each painting shows images taken back from dreams, shamanic journeys. Most of them are directly inspired by the great mystic traditions. Symbolism comes at first place. Painting is for Patrick Vidal not the ultimate goal but rather a way of communicating ideas.

Patrick Moon Crow Vidal uses different technics but generally prefers oils , acryl , or both of them on canvas.

A newcomer in the world of art, Patrick Moon Crow Vidal has exhibited in :

1995. Music academy of Venlo ( Holland )
1995. Schouwburg of Venraij ( Holland )
1996. Popular art museum of ´S Heerenberg ( Holland )
1997. Shopart of Rotterdam ( Holland )
1997. Art café Cambrinus, Horst ( Holland )
1998. '' Philippe '' in Venlo
1998. Different virtual galleries on the internet in France, Germany, South Africa
      Panama, United States and Holland

In preparation : Sir Harald ( Venlo - Holland )
                         Gouden Handen ´s Heerenberg ( Holland )
                         Vienna Austria

All paintings are sold without frames.

Portrayed in this room are a few samples of his work. Please e-mail us for further information. Watch this page ... more pictures will be featured here soon.

You can purchase any of the paintings displayed here. Just e-mail us with the details given on the information for buyers page. All paintings are originals and are sold as seen. Please note that prices do not include the cost of posting, packing, customs charges and insurance.


Medium: oil and acrylic on carton  

Size:  45 x 50 cm 

Price: $400

                2.  "LA GENESE" - 1996              

                 Medium:  Oil on paper 

                 Size is:  45 x 55 cm 

                 Price: $ 325


Medium: oil on carton 

Size is: 80 x 100 cm 

Price: $600

                    4.  "ENVOL NOCTURNE".  - 1997    

                    Medium: oil on carton 

                    Size is:  80 x 100 cm 

                    Price: $475


Medium: oil on carton  

Size: 80x100cm  

Price: $525

                   6.  "LA FELINE".  - 1997    

                     Medium: oil and acrylic on carton 

                     Size is:  50 x 60 cm 

                     Price: $375

7. "ATTENTE" -1997 

Medium: oil and acrylic on carton 

Size: 45 x 55 cm  

Price: $375

                              8.  "JANUS".  - 1997    

                                   Medium: oil on canvas 

                                   Size is:  60 x 70 cm 

                                   Price: $475

9. "KA" -1997 

Medium: oil on carton  

Size: 80 x 100 cm 

Price: $550

             10.  "VIES ANTERIEURES".  - 1997    

              Medium: oil and acrylic on carton 

              Size is:  45 x 55 cm 

              Price: $375

Please note that every effort has been made to provide a true representation of these fine paintings. However, due to the electronic coping technique used colours and hues may differ slightly from the originals.

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