Chatsworth Gallery Room 30

Artist:  Sara Medel

"My paintings are influenced by emotions and visions of events that have happened during my lifetime e.g. the atrocities that happened in Kosovo and also my beliefs and visions of God.

I paint with oils on canvas board and will accept commissioned work.".

Portrayed in this room are a few samples of her work.  Please e-mail us for further information. Watch this page ... more pictures will be featured here soon.

You can purchase any of the paintings displayed here. Just e-mail us with the details given on the information for buyers page. All paintings are sold as seen, unframed. Please note that prices are in UK pounds sterling and do not include the cost of shipping, customs charges and insurance. Cheques accepted only in UK currency. Payment to be sent in advance once the order is confirmed.

       1. “Heavens Gate”. 

       My vision of God. The image in the middle is my vision of God waiting at the gateway to heaven.

       Size is:   12 x 16 inches.

       Price: £100.

2. "The bloodied hand of Kosovo".

The red hand represents the blood of all the innocent victims above the destroyed city.

Size:  11 x 14 inches .

Price: £50.

       3. “Life”. 

       The orange represents difficulties, the blue represents dreams. The black flowers represent people and the struggles they have through difficult times and the realisation of their dreams when they come true.

       Size: 11 x 14 inches. 

       Price: £50.

4. "Vanity".

The moment when the woman realises how empty her life is and all she has is her reflection in a mirror. The white space in her face represents her empty soul..

Size:  12 x 16 inches.

Price: £65.

       5. “Ghost  of the rain”. 

Inspired by the devastation and death caused by heavy rain. Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela 1999.

       Size:  11 x 14 inches. 

       Price: £50.

6. "Untitled".

Size:  12 x 16 inches.

Price: £75.

       7. “Quetzalcoatl (feather snake)”. 

       My vision of the pre-Hispanic prophecy Quetzalcoatl and his return as seen in the sunset skies of Mexico.

       Size:  11 x 14 inches. 

       Price: £35.

Please note that every effort has been made to provide a true representation of these fine paintings. However, due to the electronic coping technique used colours and hues may differ slightly from the originals.

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